Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oregon is Awesome: Parilla Grill


We spent the weekend in Central Oregon...I love spending time with my family :)

We were out shopping on Monday and needed dinner. Isaac has been raving about the fish tacos from this little taco grill in Bend called Parilla so we decided to try it. 

Isaac had his usual fish tacos...if I liked fish tacos, I would have loved these. 

Fresh fried snapper, spinach, spicy corn salsa, red cabbage and a cool ranch sauce...pretty and yummy. 

My mom and sister and I got fajita burritos. Cilantro lime rice, black beans, chicken, spicy corn salsa, pico de gallo, sauteed onions and peppers. Sounds good, right? 

No flavor. Sadface. 

Isaac knows I'm usually pretty picky [and therefore miss out on alot of potential flavors] so he took a bite and said "Yeah, there's no flavor. You just need to put more things on there so there's more flavor. 
Um...."well, Isaac, you told me the corn salsa was spicy. And I put tomatoes [usually gross] and peppers and onions [always gross cuz of the texture but the flavor is good] on there. Cilantro lime rice usually has flavor. I don't think there were any other flavor options."
Isaac: "Oh. Well, you're right. No flavor. Well, my fish tacos are really good. Sad, babe." 

Moral of the story: If you happen to be in Bend [and there are lots of reasons you should go], and really really want fish tacos, go to Parilla. If you want a fajita burrito, I recommend Baja Fresh. 

Yeah, the chain restaurant. Which, for the record, I love.

*Turns out I really love Oregon. And since we love exploring and trying new things, I'm going to post about them in a new series called Oregon is Awesome.



  1. Ahh, you're going to make me all jealous posting about how awesome Oregona is :) I love fish tacos, and those sound SO good!

  2. yuums! i love fish tacos!

    i haven't been to Bend yet, but what i've seen of oregon i do love as well. :) plus, no sales tax! yippee!