Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Praying for summer

Do you think getting my toes ready for summer will convince the sun that it's time for summer and that it's ok to stay out for more than one day at a time? 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Benefits of Being a Pregnant Fattie

Scene: Work party/reception last night (the first one I've been to all year...yay for being able to stay awake past 6 pm!). Packed deck. Me and a group of girls are chatting....likely talking about how they have wine and I have a bottle of water.

Samantha says "Let's go down by the river. It's cooler down there," and she leads the way.

After a minute of not really getting anywhere because of all the people, she turns around and says to me, "Hey fattie!" (which, coming from Samantha, is basically a term of endearment).  "You go first. People will get out of the way because of your belly."

We all laugh because she's being ridiculous and shuffle around so I can be at the front of the line.

I almost wish I was joking, but I didn't even have to take one step before the person blocking us stepped out of my way.

I guess there are some benefits of being a pregnant fattie.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh hi, blog. It's me, Leyla.

Oh hi, blog. It's me, Leyla.

It's been a while. I know it's a cliche, but I haven't been ignoring you...I've just been distracted with other...things.

The other "things" are really just one thing....it's called sleep.

No, I haven't turned into a lazy bum who sleeps all day long. There's a reason I crash as soon as I get home from work.

Turns out, plus means positive. And the first plus sign wasn't a fluke. 

I took that test like three days after my last post. I never really meant to quit blogging...I was just too tired. And unmotivated. And scared, and confused, and frustrated. Probably all the emotions that are expected when your husband is unemployed and you live three hours away from your mom and you discover you're having an unplanned baby. 

In a perfect world, Isaac and I would be living in a cute little home in Bend as first-time homeowners, he would have full-time work and I would have a part-time consulting gig. I would carefully document my pregnancy either on the blog or in a cute flowery little journal, and take weekly belly pictures and be as happy and cute as can be in adorable maternity clothes. 

In reality....I haven't written/blogged/journaled one single minute of this pregnancy, and I'm going to slap the next person who sits in my office and tells me "Oh, I loved being pregnant."

Really?! Really??!?!? What part of throwing up, insane fatigue, sore boobs, hating your favorite foods, growing out of all your clothes, having no energy, taking gross vitamins, and crying at the drop of a hat is fun? 

Deep breath. 

It's gotten marginally better. I can make it through dinner now - and it all stays in my stomach. I haven't cried over nothing in more a week, and I've acquired a few maternity clothes that I don't hate. 

Plus, finding out yesterday we can call the baby a "she" instead of an "it" makes it something to look forward to. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

How To: Crochet a Cable Headband / Ear Warmer

So....my aunt-in-law (is that the title for my husband's aunt?) asked me to make a few Christmas gifts for her to give to her daughters. When she said she wanted a "headband," I thought she meant the simple crochet flower or zipper headbands I make. 

I was wrong. 

She handed me a pattern book and asked me to make two earwarmers. After getting super frustrated with the pattern in this book, I finally figured out a way to adapt it. 

It crochets up pretty quickly - it took me an evening, start to finish. 

Width should be 4 inches; height is unimportant. 

Cable: Skip next dc, working around from front to back, *insert hook around post of dc in row below, yo and pull up a loop, (yo and pull through two loops).* Around post of skipped stitch, repeat from * to *. 
Back Post Cable (BPCable): Skip next dc, working from back to front, *insert hook around post of dc, yo and pull up a loop, (yo and pull through two loops) twice.* Around the post of the skipped stitch, repeat from * to *. 

Worsted weight yarn (I used Bernat satin)
Size I hook, or size necessary for gauge. 

Ch 19. 
Row 1) Dc in fourth ch from hook and in each ch across. 
Row 2) Ch 2 (counts as first hdc, now and throughout); work BPdc around next 2 dc, (work FPdc around next 2 dc, work BPdc around next dc) across to last dc, hdc in last dc. 
Row 3) Ch 2, work Cable, (work BPdc around each of next 2 dc, work Cable) across, hdc in last hdc. 
Row 4) Ch 2, work BP Cable, (work FPdc in next 2 dc, work BP Cable in next 2 dc) across, work hdc in next hdc. 
Repeat Rows 3 & 4 for 20 inches, ending by working Row 3. 
Finish off, leaving long tail. Sew seam, gather up tightly and weave in ends. 

*I write down patterns I make up all the time, but usually it's in a shorthand that no one except for me would understand. This is the first time I've tried to write the pattern correctly. If you try it out and run into problems, or need explanations on the Cable stitches, I'd be happy to help! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oregon is Awesome: Parilla Grill


We spent the weekend in Central Oregon...I love spending time with my family :)

We were out shopping on Monday and needed dinner. Isaac has been raving about the fish tacos from this little taco grill in Bend called Parilla so we decided to try it. 

Isaac had his usual fish tacos...if I liked fish tacos, I would have loved these. 

Fresh fried snapper, spinach, spicy corn salsa, red cabbage and a cool ranch sauce...pretty and yummy. 

My mom and sister and I got fajita burritos. Cilantro lime rice, black beans, chicken, spicy corn salsa, pico de gallo, sauteed onions and peppers. Sounds good, right? 

No flavor. Sadface. 

Isaac knows I'm usually pretty picky [and therefore miss out on alot of potential flavors] so he took a bite and said "Yeah, there's no flavor. You just need to put more things on there so there's more flavor. 
Um...."well, Isaac, you told me the corn salsa was spicy. And I put tomatoes [usually gross] and peppers and onions [always gross cuz of the texture but the flavor is good] on there. Cilantro lime rice usually has flavor. I don't think there were any other flavor options."
Isaac: "Oh. Well, you're right. No flavor. Well, my fish tacos are really good. Sad, babe." 

Moral of the story: If you happen to be in Bend [and there are lots of reasons you should go], and really really want fish tacos, go to Parilla. If you want a fajita burrito, I recommend Baja Fresh. 

Yeah, the chain restaurant. Which, for the record, I love.

*Turns out I really love Oregon. And since we love exploring and trying new things, I'm going to post about them in a new series called Oregon is Awesome.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

People Make Cool Things: Bohemienne Ivy

I know I'm way behind the times, but I'm just now starting to love long necklaces. Ivy of Bohemienne Ivy makes some beautiful ones.

Ivy's shop is mostly handmade items, but this vintage purse is so so beautiful.

Find Bohemienne Ivy online: Shop | Blog | Facebook

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cuddly Kitty :)

If there was an award for falling asleep on the couch, I would win it.

If there was an award for cutest cuddly kitty, Maddy would win it.

Monday, January 10, 2011

So So Proud

I rarely - strike that: I never - write about work. But I can't help it today. Without going too far into the details, I'll just say:

I'm so so proud of this guy.

I worked for this guy for three and a half years and today, he was sworn in as Co-Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives.

Three and a half years of blood, sweat and tears paid off today. (Strike that: no blood, unless you count the hundreds of paper cuts I got from stuffing envelopes.)

So proud.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 365: Week 1

After one week, I've learned two things: 
1) Taking photos is done. 
2) I hate editing. 
I can't figure out which program to use, I think I've saved over the originals instead of making copies....ugh. I'm super frustrated right now. Anyway...on to Week 2.