Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 365: Week 1

After one week, I've learned two things: 
1) Taking photos is done. 
2) I hate editing. 
I can't figure out which program to use, I think I've saved over the originals instead of making copies....ugh. I'm super frustrated right now. Anyway...on to Week 2. 


  1. Hooray for another 365! I'm doing one this year for the first time and I'm trying to have fun with it. Not stressing over it too much, not doing a tonne of editing. I generally do a simple crop and then play with it in Picnik for a bit. Have you tried that program yet?

  2. mmmm those cookies loook delish!! and i took a similar pic of a squirrel in our front yard this past weekend too hahaa!! :)

  3. The sunset picture is very pretty. And your cookie look very yummy!
    I am over here from campfire chics blog!

  4. o hai! welcome to blogger, home of inane glitches and periodic posting meltdowns.

    just kidding. it's pretty OK!

  5. oh yeah! hooray for 365 project. i love looking at other people's photos. i am so happy so many people are doing it this year!