Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back to Normal Life

Oh it's good to be back.
Between moving to a new house (yay!) and then Election Day (which necessitated 18 hour days for 15 days straight), this has been the most tiring month I think I've ever had.

I'm glad to be slowly getting back to normal.

There have been goods and bads in the last month.

Good: We won all our campaigns. Elections are definitely interesting. 18 months of blood, sweat and tears all come down to one night. The last few election cycles have been depressing so it was good to celebrate.

Good: Having our own backyard and driveway and no upstairs neighbors is amazing.

Good: With three bedrooms, I have an amazing craft room!

Bad: The house is old and there are lots of things that my construction-working husband wants to fix. It's hard to remember we're just renting and we can't/shouldn't fix everything, even things that really really need to be fixed. I would like to get the rotting out upstairs window fixed, and figure out a way to make the cadet heaters heat the house. It's so so cold  in there!

Bad: We ate restaurant food for basically a month straight. Gross.

I feel like I'm playing house. It's fun.

It's good to get back to our regular routines. Church, crafting, TV shows, family...

Speaking of crafting....
(If you're local), Have you been to The Fussy Duck yet? It's a super cute gift shop south of downtown. A few friends and I rented a space. Stop by if you can!
Next, I'm nervous nervous nervous. I'm doing my first show! Call me crazy, but the show is in two weeks and I just signed up...yesterday. Eek! I'm making like mad right now. It's both fun and stressful. I'm most scared about setting up my booth...I don't know how to display my things. Ideas would be very helpful :)

Enough for now. Happy to be back.

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